Smartphone Games

This page covers some of the smartphone games I've worked on during my time as Unity3D Developer at Ritmo Games. Each of these titles explores a single mechanic and was made during the span of a month each, approximately.

Some of these games never left the "prototype" phase, as they didn't show great metrics when tested against the target audience. However, I have included them here because I feel proud of them and I am very happy with the results my team and I managed to achieve given the time restrictions.

Exploring the Hybrid Casual Genre

Sudoku Paths

Sudoku Paths was one of the first games I worked on. I am very proud of it because it was the first time one of our prototypes got out of the testing phase with very good results.

This puzzle game is a completely original idea where players have to select all the elements of a level in such a way that creates a path that is sorted in an ascending manner and each fixed number on the grid is selected at their appropriate time.

App Merge

App Merge is another game our studio shipped where I was in charge of the programming and all of the game animations. The visuals, and the overall looks of this title, are great. They were made by the artist that worked on the game with me, who also came up with the idea for this video game.

In this merging game, the player must fulfill orders sent by the different characters by using the different apps on the board, which spawn numerous items that need to be merged to achieve what the orders require.

All In Words

All In Words is an original idea I developed inspired in Scrabble, where two players compete to achieve the highest score by forming words using cards that have different values.

Once again, for this title I took care of the programming and the animation work. The original idea ended up being too big for the time restrictions we had, so we had to simplify the mechanics of the title quite a bit. Still, I think this game turned out pretty nice visually, and the gameplay feeling is very satisfying.

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Knit Together 3D

Knit Together 3D is the biggest game my team has published to this date. In this puzzle game the objective is to complete levels by getting yarn balls down to the knitting needles at the bottom of the screen. To do it so, players need to link and stack different colored buttons to clear the scenario and create a path for the falling balls.

What really stands out from my work on this title is the way the gameplay items are implemented and the way their synergies work. Stacks, buttons, locks, keys, yarn balls, breakable boxes, physics simulated ropes, chests... all of them can interact with each other, but are not strongly connected nor coupled. That means each different item is independent and that unlocks a lot of creativity for the level design.

Spin & Blast

Spin & Blast is a game we made taking a lot of inspiration from Tumble Rise, a game that became very popular when my team was assigned to this project.

The objective of the game is to collect a certain amount of items by linking and matching them. The game was very fun to develop.

Since the entire play area is constantly rotating, and in order to create the links between items, I had to implement a breadth-first searching algorithm. This code updates a few times per second to ensure only the closest items to the position the player touched remain selected.