Creating Kolumno

During my last year of university, I worked at DevilishGames for two months as part of an internship program. In this short period of time, we launch a small game, Kolumno. I was the lead developer of the project and also one of the designers. I participated in the design of many of the levels under the supervision of the rest of the team.

In this game, the player has to wait for the right moment and make the ball fall through intricate columns. Behind its apparent simplicity, Kolumno hides really demanding and fun game mechanics. Kolumno, as other puzzle games, requires intelligence, planification and patience; but the challenge doesn’t stop there. The game will also test the player's reflexes with puzzles that require the use of special abilities such as: stopping mid-air, accelerating, shrinking or breaking through the rings that make up the columns.

Kolumno is available for the Nintendo Switch, PC, Android and iOS devices.