Complete walkthrough of Kart Souls, which was built for a gamejam.

A few years ago, while I was still attending college, my university organised a Game Jam event and my group of friends and I decided to participate. I don't remember anymore what was the theme of the event, but our team settled on creating a kart game inspired by the popular video game franchise Dark Souls.

The Game Jam duration was only 48 hours, so the team really had to scale down the scope of the project. We decided early on that we were developing a single-player kart game, not a racing one. Basically, we ended up remaking the entirety of Dark Souls 1 as a simple -10 minutes long- circuit full of traps. jokes, and even iconic bosses.

As part of this team, I was the lead developer as well as the 3D artist for the karts and NPCs. It was my first time designing a car controller and I ended up very happy with the result.

Kart Souls: Prepare To Ride Edition