Gameplay of the very first version of Controller, which was built for a gamejam.

Controller was the name my team and I had chosen for what was going to be our project for the IX Alicante Gamejam, in 2018. It was decided from the start that we wanted to make a competitive, co-op game, but we were not so sure about how it would be played. A rough idea of the gameplay loop was shaped that first night and by the end of the event we had our little buggy game ready.  

Soon after, everyone in the room was stading around one of our laptops watching how two people were competing to get the most victories in Controller. My team realized at that moment that this little project we put together was actually fun and had potential to make it big. The game ended up first in the competition and our team got a symbolic prize for winning the IX Alicante Gamejam. Everyone in the team was finishing its bachelor's degree, so no one had the time to continue development on Controller. The project was put aside soon after that weekend.

Since that day, I committed to continue working on it whenever I had free time. I would say that the game is still in the early stages of development, but what used to be a big hard-coded mess now is an ever growing project that has reached the state of MVP, features a neat menu navigation system, and benefits from the advantages that the new input system from Unity3D offers.